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Some habits express you

Some habits are considered trivial and not given much importance. But these little habits actually reveal a lot about your personality. According to science, daily behaviors-how you walk, eat, and speak-contain meaningful clues to your personality and motivations.

Eating habits:  According to science, eating habits may reveal one’s life and nature. You are how you eat. Juliet A. Boghossian, a famous American psychologist, behavioral food expert, researcher and founder of Food-ology, says a lot can be said about a person’s personality through eating habits and the type of food he or she eats. People who eat slowly are usually loyal and want to enjoy life. Fast eaters tend to be ambitious, goal-oriented and often impatient.

People who eat strangely are adventurous. People who are selective to choose foods may be very emotional and crazy.  There are many people who like to eat different kinds of foods keeping on their plates; they are usually very conscious, detail-oriented, disciplined and thoughtful.

Shopping habits: If you want to know someone, you should go to shopping with him or her. According to a study, there are two types of buyers.  There are some people who will check the entire store or market and scrutinize the ingredients on each tube of toothpaste until they find one that suits their needs.  This type of people may be conscientious and modest. There are some people who choose one quickly, assume they know exactly how it works and buy quickly for other persons. This type of people is usually cunning, opportunistic and self-centered. Also, your spending habits can tell a lot about you.

Handshake style:  The way a person shakes hands reveals a lot about his or her personality. In fact, this simple gesture of handshaking is a part of one’s body language.  A study found that if one shakes hands with someone whose palms are strong, they may be more emotional, open-minded, and more innocent than others. If you shake hands with someone whose palms are sweaty, it indicates nervousness. According to a research, people who have a firm handshake tend to be more confident and social.


Punctuality: According to one study, punctuality is a positive character trait. In the study, researchers gave a group of people a homework assignment on a personality assessment and asked them to come in the next day. Researchers noted their arrival times. It was seen that those who arrived on time were quite conscientious, those arrived before time were quite crazy and those arrived late were quite calm.

Carrying style of bag: We carry bags for daily activities. But have you ever thought that the way you hold or carry your bag has an imprint of your personality?  Carrying a bag in the fold of a hand means that you have a very clean personality and social status. Carrying a bag over your shoulder means you are protective. Hanging the bag on the back means you are calm and tidy. Backpackers tend to be independent and considerate of the people around them, while hand-carriers tend to be obdurate and skilled.