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The unknown dweller

It was something unknown living inside my body, of which I was completely unaware, so did my parents and relatives. I was visiting Dhaka by my motorcycle. It was only 30 miles away when a truck ran over me, and I could remember nothing but some shadows taking me somewhere, to a hospital probably – as somehow, I was still relying on my reasoning. Later, the attending physician told me that I remained unconscious for two days. Meanwhile, they had made some diagnosis with my blood sample, and found the unknown dweller inside my body. I had been tested diabetes.

It was an unprecedented situation for me. None of my parents, or closest relatives had ever gone through this disease. Therefore, it was a completely new journey which I had to start alone. I had been guided by Diabetes Support Group- of Bangladesh NCDs Forum- found on facebook, and within the group caught on many helpful instructions that help in living a disciplined life. I had to measure my glucose, protein, fat, and vitamin intake. I had to go out early in the morning for a walk and some light physical exercises. I was anxious earlier, however, my anxiety calmed down when I talked about the disease with the fellow community people in the morning walk who were going through the same experiences. We shared our story, and gradually made a bondage. As a result, I started to see the disease scientifically.

As I live in a small village, I found that there were inadequate facilities for diabetes management in the community level. I understood that this disease could place itself into anyone, and at any time. But, on the one hand, the people are not aware of it completely, and on the other hand, there were not enough diagnosis and consultation facilities. For better treatment, people had to travel 30 miles to the district hospital. Addressing this gap, I become an active group member of “Diabetes Support Group” and started talking with people living with diabetes, hence giving birth to positivity and an unstoppable urge to embrace life more and more.

It all happened three years ago. Today, I have taken the disease completely under my control. I have given up smoking and adapted a healthy lifestyle throughout this journey. I am living happily with my family with an awareness of this ‘unknown dweller’ who is living now inside of any of my known and unknown fellows.

Writer: Md. Tasbir Ul Islam, Business Development Officer, Eminence Associates for Social Development