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Channel 24 unveils country’s first-ever AI news presenter

Private-run television network Channel 24 has introduced the country’s first-ever artificial intelligence news presenter named ‘Aparajita.’

Aparajita joined the 7:00pm bulletin of the television channel on Wednesday (July 19).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining global attention in recent months. In April of this year, Kuwait News utilized an AI named “Feda” to read the news.

On July 9, India’s private television channel Odisha Television Limited (OTV) introduced an AI newsreader named “Lisa”.

Building upon these advancements, Bangladesh’s renowned private television channel Channel 24 became the first in the country to feature an AI newsreader.Abdul Qayyum Tuhin,

Senior News Editor at Channel 24, said, “Artificial intelligence has brought about many positive benefits. We also want to keep up with the advancements in technology. We have introduced this initiative with that purpose in mind. I believe AI technology will make a difference in our country’s history.”