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Catacridaphobia: Fear of cockroaches

A cockroach suddenly landed on your table. You screamed at the sight of the house. Or cockroaches flew and started throwing arms and legs as soon as they sat on the body. Then he hurriedly ran. Fear of cockroaches or insects is called entomophobia. Fear of cockroaches is more common in talkative girls. But what is the reason?

Only one percent of the world’s cockroach species live with humans. No one dies if they bite. Nor does any serious disease spread to the body. Even then it is normal to be afraid of cockroaches! Not only girls, many boys are also afraid of cockroaches. The matter is called in the language of science, catsaridaphobia. Earlier, however, it was called entomophobia as the fear of insects. As already mentioned. However, remember that a person’s fear of cockroaches is not catharidaphobia. A fear of cockroaches is considered catharidaphobia when it is a long-standing and excessive fear.

Jeffrey Lockwood, a professor of ecology at the University of Wyoming, says of the cockroach-phobia, fear and disgust are two universal human emotions. One indicates sudden danger and the other signals disease. According to this expert, cockroaches evoke feelings of fear and disgust in people. The sticky, oily feel of a cockroach’s body,

walking on it in the dark at night, or the uric acid coming out under your feet can be irritating. This expert also said that usually people start fearing cockroaches due to various diseases. Although children grow up observing cockroaches or other insects with great observation, children develop a sense that they can cause disease. As a result, fear takes root in the mind. Cockroaches carry allergens and cause respiratory infections.

Fear of cockroaches can also come from people’s families. When a child sees his mother screaming in fear at the sight of a cockroach, he himself will be afraid of cockroaches. This animal’s wacky legs and body shape are one of the reasons for its fear. According to many,

girls like to stay clean but cockroaches suddenly come out from hiding in the bathroom or other dirty places. Anyone can feel uncomfortable with it. And may want to skip it. Apart from cockroaches, girls are afraid of spiders and the main reason for this is discomfort.