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Rowshan for extreme stance of state against rape

Opposition leader in Parliament Rowshan Ershad believes that the state needs extreme stance against rape.

In a press release on Wednesday (October 07) she said, “Incidents of rape and torture are happening one after another across the country. At the same time, the incident of spreading video of torture through social media is making me think anew. The state needs the highest stance against rape at every level of law and justice from the highest policy-making level. And this message must be conveyed to all levels.”

She further said, “There are laws in the country to stop the abuse of women and children. The law also provides severe punishment. There are special tribunals for trials. Even then, it is clear that the current legal framework is not working to curb these crimes. In order to make the legal framework effective, if there is any weakness in the law and justice system over rape, it has to be rectified.”


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